Monday, May 29, 2006

Castelul Corvineştilor (Hunedoara)

(mulţumiri lui Peter Iancovici pentru panorama de mai sus)

N-am să intru eu în detalii... textul este luat de pe Wikipedia

"The impressive size and architectural beauty sets it among the most precious monuments of medieval art, subsequent developments mixing Gothic style with Renaissance and Baroque. The building lies on a rock around which flows the river Zlasti. It has an impressive bridge, countless towers, a number of interior courts, and two large halls, "Knight Hall" and "Diet Hall", as it housed the diet of Transylvania for a very short period."

În ciuda legendelor din popor, inscripţia de lângă fântâna castelului nu înseamnă
"Apă ai, inimă n-ai"
"Cel care a scris aceasta inscriptie este Hasan, care traieste ca rob la ghiauri, in cetatea de lânga biserica".

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

my favourite drug

Imagine a hot summer morning... you just want to get away from the noise and the heat that seems to be everywhere... You enter this wooden door that leads you into a realm of peacefulness... You sit down on this big and fluffy and so comfortable sofa that almost hugs you and ask for a coffee. Why coffee on such a hot day? Because the smell of fresh coffee is everywhere inside this place, it's in the walls, in the fluffy sofa and even in the music... that poisonous and addictive smell has touched your every sense and has entered your very being. Great coffee... so dark and strong and yet so smooth and silky... Just like that lounging jazz tunes playing low from somewhere... just can't figure out where. And just like the low, reddish and so smooth light that can barely enter this place... It gives you a cozy feeling that you've only experienced in your sweetest and most intimate dreams... and even more... The perfect place!

And now imagine that you actually didn't imagine that!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

the need for changes...

Some people always feel the need for changes. Although I hate it when something or someone takes me out of my inertia, sometimes I feel the need for changes also. It's these changes that make me go faster and higher, that make me be better and stronger. It's the need to outrun my own self, to avoid my own faults and to fight my own deamons.

So... Dog had to go... and so did some other photos that no longer represented my... let's call them 'best interests'...

Fewer but better! Only the good ones will be left standing. So if I want to have anything left in my blog I'd better start shooting better photos, don't you agree?

Oh! And by the way, that's me... why me and why here? I don't know... ask myself!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Chess, anyone?

...potenţial mare, rezultate slăbuţe. Ca să nu mai spun că era s-o şi încasez de la un şahist mai "tinerel"... Grea viaţă!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


...a great model and a greater person!

Îţi mulţumesc că ai acceptat provocarea şi îmi pare rău că nu m-am ridicat la înălţimea aşteptărilor (mele, cel puţin)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Can you see beyond the mirror?

Imagination knows no limits. It reaches beyond age, sex or nationality.

" It's all in the way we're thinking. And we're trapped in ourselves all the time."

În orice situaţie există o portiţă de scăpare, iar imaginaţia este portiţa de scăpare din propria cuşcă.

It's the only way out!

Iar când ma uit în jur şi trag linie... de multe ori am impresia că cei mai mulţi dintre noi suntem condamnaţi la închisoare pe viaţă.

Thank you Sassa, for letting me post your photo on my blog!