Wednesday, May 17, 2006

my favourite drug

Imagine a hot summer morning... you just want to get away from the noise and the heat that seems to be everywhere... You enter this wooden door that leads you into a realm of peacefulness... You sit down on this big and fluffy and so comfortable sofa that almost hugs you and ask for a coffee. Why coffee on such a hot day? Because the smell of fresh coffee is everywhere inside this place, it's in the walls, in the fluffy sofa and even in the music... that poisonous and addictive smell has touched your every sense and has entered your very being. Great coffee... so dark and strong and yet so smooth and silky... Just like that lounging jazz tunes playing low from somewhere... just can't figure out where. And just like the low, reddish and so smooth light that can barely enter this place... It gives you a cozy feeling that you've only experienced in your sweetest and most intimate dreams... and even more... The perfect place!

And now imagine that you actually didn't imagine that!


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